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The Last Moments of the Day

Mary Claire O'Neal

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Awakening to be more fully who we are in life is a 24/7 process. During the hours we are not asleep we are, hopefully, consciously making choices and experiencing, in the moment, the unfolding of our lives. Sometimes we’re stressed and just collapse into bed after rushing all day with hours of gazing at electronic devices. When we go to sleep at night, our consciousness (and I also include what many refer to as the “subconscious” in my meaning of the word, “consciousness”) does not go to sleep. In fact, it’s really active.  Sometimes that activity in our brains while asleep is just the processing through of experiences and thoughts from the day, but sometimes our minds can show us the rich landscape of what is going on in our awareness, our beliefs, relationships, and the events of our lives. 

The last moments of the day are some of the most precious. The first moments of the day are important as well, but in those last moments before sleep, we set the tone for almost half of our lives, filled with the multi-layers of knowing.
Here's a suggestion that works for myself and my clients: In those last moments, focus first on the area of your heart, then fill your mind with positive thoughts and gratitudes for the day just ending. Reviewing with appreciation the joy and positive experiences sets you up for a night more attuned to that awareness in the mind and spirit. Reviewing, instead, the stress, frustration and unhappy experiences attunes the mind to that before seven or so hours of sleep. Which do you want to see more of in life?

I often suggest to clients to do the Joy Journal (a technique in my book) in the five minutes right before sleep. It creates a fulfilling and genuine awareness of the gifts in life instead of focusing on the opposite. Seeing our lives as a gift blossoms into more of the same perceptual experience. We have so much more power to create lives filled with gratitude than we allow ourselves to know. Gratitude and appreciation are Love in the big meaning of the word.  The authentic and profound parts of us long for the permission to see the joy and to experience that gratitude for life.

Seek to better attune all parts of your mind and levels of consciousness to more positively understand the joy you really are. Before sleep, after reviewing the gifts of the day, ask to have deep, healing and restorative rest.

The next article will be about the first moments of the day. Stay tuned!

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Mary Claire O’Neal is the author of the award-winning book, Becoming What You Want to See in the World. She is a certified life-change coach, communication and leadership coach and consultant and Licensed HeartMath Trainer and Coach.