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Training programs and coaching have been delivered with exceptional, documented outcomes in a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune  500 and 100 companies, healthcare systems, universities, government agencies, and to tens of thousands of people in pursuit of personal resilience and better health.

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The Resilience
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Resilience Workshop Information Sheet
  1. The Resilience Advantage ™
    Scientifically-researched, evidence-based skills and tools for personal and professional effectiveness available in one-day or two-day workshop formats. Includes foundational (see Primer description) and more advanced resilience-building, self-regulation, and stress reduction techniques for more mental clarity, productivity, increased situational awareness, improved communication, enhanced well-being and relationships, and emotional balance. With or without emWave ® technology devices for participants.
  2. The Resilience Advantage™ Primer
    In this half-day workshop, learn foundational, evidence-based tools and techniques to transform stress and shift into a more balanced and composed state even during times of chaos and challenge. Concepts and techniques learned will help reduce stress, develop self-regulation skills, and build mental clarity and emotional resilience. emWave® technology available to participants as an option.
  3. Resilience Coaching
    In personal sessions, learn principles and techniques in resilience, communication and self-regulation to increase your internal awareness and develop more self-empowerment resilience skills to better meet life's challenges with more ease, balance, grace and wisdom. emWave technology is required.
  4. Retreats
    Retreats are designed to be a time for internal awareness and learning practical empowering techniques to take home to increase resilience, ease and balance in daily life, as well as enhance personal wellness and relationships through principles of positive intelligence in Becoming What You Want to See in the World and HeartMath® techniques. emWave® technologies available. Leadership retreats incorporating Heartmath® skills and tools are also available.
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