Mary Claire ONeal Licensed Heart Math Trainer and Coach
Mary Claire O'Neal
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HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Coach
Author and Keynote Speaker
What they are saying about the training sessions, workshops, keynotes, retreats and coaching . . . 
"As a speaker, consultant and effective communicator, Mary Claire is unparalleled. Whether before a large audience, in a small meeting, or one-on-one coaching session, she has the ability to connect with people in a dynamic, engaging and insightful way which communicates her message with the utmost effect. Mary Claire's presentations mirror the joyful and spirit-filled approach she takes to the world, and she shows how we can create that in our lives."
Paul Sanders, Columnist, Journalist, Former Corporate CEO
"Excellent! Your session gave me an expanded sense of what is possible  in communication and life!"
Anita Courtney, Public Health Consultant
"Mary Claire's presentation of the Heartmath program was outstanding. She was able to engage my team members in a way that they saw and experienced the value of the program. Both they as individuals and our company are better for having her present the HeartMath program to us and teach us the skills and techniques associated it.‬"

Sheila Kalas, Fitness Plus

Health and Wellness Corporation Owner

"As the co-chair of a national conference, it was a pleasure to contract Mary Claire O’Neal as a keynote speaker. She was always quick to respond; extremely customer service oriented, and did everything possible to make sure our conference was a success. Her professional presentation was beautifully delivered with an excellent blend of personal reflection exercises and small group sharing. She gave our attendees a refreshing session with tools they could use both personally and professionally. Obviously, she received high reviews‬."

Caroline Francis, Ed.S., NCCC, MCC, BCC,  Alumni Career Services

"Your presentation for our retreat was so insightful and engaging . . . The points you made are ones that will make us better managers, better listeners, and more efffective business people."
Leanna Comer, President, Research
‪"Mary Claire leads a dynamic, meaningful and eye-opening workshop. My management team thoroughly enjoyed our day with her, and the results stuck! ‬
‪Mary Claire is committed to her work and it shows. ‬
‪I highly recommend her book!‬"

Jan Lee, Learning and Development Director
"Valuable information presented in an enteraining method! Mary Claire charmed the audience with her stories, humor and enthusiasm. She is a gifted, charismatic professional who is committed to excellence."
W. Caywood, Seminar Coordinator
"Thank you for providing an inspiring and motivating keynote address!  The keynote was a vital component in the success of this first-time-ever event. We made a very good decision in inviting you to speak!"
Sue Downs, Vice-President of Patient Care Services, Flaget Memorial Hospital
"Since the culminating workshop, I have experienced fewer incidences of Human Resource issues that revolve around gossip and negativity. In addition to this, I have noticed a significant improvement in our employees wanting to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. Employees have taken an active approach to improving communication between departments and understanding that we are all ONE team!"
Once again I thank you so very much for your hard work, your sincerity for the work you do and your dedication to making the world a more positive place to live. You truly lead by example and define joyful living. I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you again."
Bridgette Robinson, Director, Human Relations
"Very sensitive . . . excellent presentation and knowledge of the field. The highlight of the training was the experiential process. I loved everything about this seminar!"
T.C. Watson, Program  Director
"Your workshop helped me communicate my words from my heart, not just my head."
F. Turley, Administrative Assistant
"Your presentations were very well received by those in attendance at our event. Throughout the convention, favorable comments were passed on to me about your session, with many requests that you return in the future!"
Holly H. Coleman, Programs Chair

"I particpated in your workshop, 'The Heart of Communication.' It was one of the many offered at Toyota Motor Manufacturing's In the Interest of Women Conference. A friend had told me that if I ever had the opportunity to particpate in any of Mary Claire's workshops to jump on it. Now I know why, and I'm glad I did! I look forward to participating in other workshops and sessions that Mary Claire conducts!"
Sandy Brandon, Marketing Coordinator, Johnson Controls